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7PIPE Süka Pipe

7PIPE Süka Pipe

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The body of the pipe is carved from a solid cylinder of aircraft aluminum using CNC (Computer Numerical Control). This manufacturing method makes the pipe as beautiful inside as it is outside.  

The glass bowl is handcrafted in quartz, not the typical borosilicate; this makes the Suka pipe suitable for dabbing in a pinch.  

And the platinum-cured silicone ball is the most unique and important component of the Suka; it is the heart of this pipe. The rolling trackball allows the revolutionary loading function unique to this pipe.  It also holds the quartz ball safely within and also holds the cap (or nickel, if you lose your cap.)  The ball also conveys the smoke to the UFO lower body, so it is integral to the smoke path.  The softness of the silicone also allows you to pop out the cap or bowl with a push from the bottom.  

All in all, this pipe will be your next companion on a beach trip, camping, hiking, or fishing trip.  It holds several grams inside it's body, or you can also load a single bowl from the top.  It's classic smooth shape fits into any pocket, purse, or bag.  

Experience the Süka, the newest way to take fresh hits all day long.


Carburator: Head Hole
Dimensions: D11.2cm x H2.7mm (137g)
Fits: 0.2g (chamber), 3.5g (storage)
Made from: Quartz Glass, Aluminum, Silicone

Connoisseur's Comment

Ultra convenience pipe that equips the unique storage-reloading mechanism, bringing you a seamless smoking sesh all-day.


1. To remove any residue, debris, dirt, or other matter, use a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol (>75%), except for the Silicone Ball which should be applied with soap.

2. Seal any openings (lids or with your hands), and shake up several times until all residues appear to be removed.

3. Rinse the kit with WARM water.

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